Venus Transit Observation Campaign (vTOC 2012) 5-6 June 2012


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Part 2: June 9, 2012


        Letest News:

                                # Results of Venus transit: Coming

                                #  I observed Venus transit successfully and took more than 200 images from University of Calcutta, India.

                                # Vineeth Valsan have submitted several images taken from Ferrara, Italy.

                                # MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Data is now available on there website(Click Here).



Part 1: June 1, 2012


Aim: Taking several  Images or Videos of Venus transit from different locations. Then after if we have at least 2 images taken at same time but from different locations, we can find the Sun to Earth distance(i.e. 1 AU) by Joseph-Nicolas Delisle method....

Images taken by all member will be posted on single webpage for shearing among members...

It will also act as a reference to anybody in the world...


Who can participate?

  Anybody and from anywhere…



1) Digital Clock.

2) Small telescope OR binocular OR pinhole camera.

3) Camera ( good digital camera Or good mobile camera)


Things to be done:

Step1:  Synchronize your clock with the common GMT clock here on this link: Or else you can just mention the exact difference between your local Clock and GMT time given in above link.


Step2:  Observe Venus transit through telescope projection/ binocular projection/ pinhole camera, etc.
Step3:  While observation take few ( 1 is also enough) photographs of sun with Venus over it. (If images are not very
                good NO Problem).  But exact time of image should be known.
                Photos can be taken by putting filters, etc
Step4: Share your images among members of this campaign for calculations…
                (‘How and what to calculate?’ page will be updated soon).


* Further guidannce will be provided to individual members by Email.


Present Members:

Sr. No. Observer Name Designation

Location of


Email id Remarks
1 SPIE student Chapter Calcutta University Kolkata --  
2 Gaganvedhi Astronomy Club Walchand College of Engineering   Sangli, Maharashtra --  
3 Prasanna Deshmukh

Indian Institute of


Calcutta University  
4 Joice Mathew

Indian Institute of


Calcutta University  
5 Mayuresh Sarpotdar

Indian Institute of


Calcutta University  
6 Apoorv Thacker Gaganvedhi Sangli, Maharashtra  
7 Prabhanjan Kulkarni, National Aerospace Lab. Bangalore  
8 Dinesh Deshpande Mind Tree    Bangalore    
9 Gautam Gala   T U Kaiserslautern Germany  
10 Smita R. Nannaware Gaganvedhi Sangli, India  
11   Arinjay Chougule Gaganvedhi Sangli, India    
12 Vineeth Valsan University of Ferrara Ferrara, Italy  



NOTE: In addition to our Observers data we will be using the  'MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network'

Telescope's Name: Donald

Location: Amado, AZ, USA

For details about MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network, See this:



Contact Details:

EMail :
Call : +91 9038514442


You can take images of venus transit by simple digital camera also, See this:


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